Imani Project Group in Africa

The Imani Project is a partnership between Americans and Africans, dedicated to acting against HIV/AIDS and improving health conditions in rural Kenya. The goal of the Imani Project is to enable and empower Kenyan villagers to become educators, advocates, caregivers and HIV/AIDS activists in their own communities.  

The Start of the Imani Project

The Imani Project began in 2004 when Marlene Anderson, a social worker from Portland, Oregon, first visited the Sabaki River delta on a birding expedition and met a young boy on the beach who introduced her to his village.  Marlene saw the crisis wrought by the HIV/AIDS pandemic in rural Kenya:  illness, death, poverty, and children without families to care for them.  Determined to help, she returned, first alone, then over the years with volunteers.  Today the Imani Project is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in Oregon with a working Board of Directors here, and with a Director and volunteer staff in Kenya to manage operations there.

What Kinds of Services are Provided by the Imani Project?

  • Sponsorship program for 80+ children who have been orphaned by AIDS
  • School uniforms for orphans and other children deemed most needy
  • HIV prevention education in schools and villages (in English and Kiswahili)
  • Distribution of condoms
  • HIV testing and referral
  • HIV+ support group
  • Transportation for HIV+ people to the hospital to receive medications
  • Flour, garden seeds, beans, tea and rice to village families
  • Education about diarrheal disease, and its prevention and treatment
  • Medical supplies for local Community Health Workers
  • A composting toilet for two villages
  • Field plowing for HIV+ people unable to care for their own farms
  • Online program to provide goats, ducks and chickens to families in need

Dates and Details

The American Imani Project was formed in January 2005 and incorporated as a Non-Governmental Organization( NGO) in January 2008. It received the 501(c)3 U.S. nonprofit status in March 2007. Our federal ID number is 26-1682325.