The Imani Project is involved in 20 villages along the coast of Kenya. Approximately 10 of those villages have no access to clean drinking water. The nearest clean water well is in Malindi, a small town five miles away. It would impossible for elderly villagers or HIV/AIDS affected individuals, or HIV/AIDS orphans to walk that distance to get water, and it would also be impossible to carry a five gallon container of water (called a Jerican) five miles back to their homes. The American Imani Project has sent over funding to purchase a Haojin. This is a three wheeled vehicle which looks like a motorcycle from the front, but in the back has a truck bed which can carry 60 five gallon Jericans. The Haojin makes trips to Malindi to the clean water well, and then transports clean water back to the villagers. The villagers pay a few Kenyan Schillings (25 cents), and this is used for fuel, maintenance, and also a small amount for the driver.

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