Male,18 years

Charles Safari graduated from Muyeye Technical School with a certificate in plumbing. He has been very generously supported by Diane and Phil Garding. Charles was a Boarder, and lived at the school full time. 


Male, 19 years

Harun is a bright young man who lives with his aunt, two brothers, and a sister, in Kagombani village.  Both parents died of AIDS.  Harun graduated from Mapimo Polytechnic where he studied to be an electrician. Harun was sponsored for eight years by Nabiha Islam. 


Male, 16 years

He has graduated from Gede Youth Polytechnic with a certificate in Plumbing. He lives with his brother, who is also in the plumbing business. Bahati has been generously sponsored by Patsy O’Shea for many years. He is very grateful to her for making this opportunity possible.


Female, 20 years

Margaret graduated from Mapimo Polytechnic where she studied tailoring. She is now working and married. Margaret was sponsored by Michele Budd for many years.


Female, 20 years

Amina Karisa graduated from Polytechnic school and is working as a seamstress. She is now married and living with her husband in Kagombani village.  She would like to open a sewing shop to make women’s clothing.  Her polytechnic education was funded by her sponsor of several years, Lisa Crosby.