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HIV/AIDS Education
The Imani Project teaches classes on HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention to school children and adults in Kenyan villages.  HIV Prevention Classes  HIV/AIDS Support     Groups
AIDS Orphans
The Imani Project matches African children orphaned due to AIDS with American sponsors. A gift of $30/month provides food and support for the orphan and his or her host family.  Sponsor an Orphan   See Orphans Who Are     Currently Sponsored   Imani Project Graduates     and Scholars
Health & Wellness
The Imani Project is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of Kenyan villagers: Maternal and Child Welfare Program    Program Overview     Diarrheal Disease    Birthing Kits  Medical Services    Medical Clinics     Health Kits
Community Improvements
Poverty is a major problem in Kenya. The Imani Project is assisting to educate villagers and develop healthier communities.  Composting Toilets  Microloan Fund
The Imani Project is a partnership between Americans and Africans, dedicated to acting against HIV/AIDS and improving health conditions in rural Kenya. The goal of the Imani Project is to enable and empower Kenyan villagers to become educators, advocates, caregivers and HIV/AIDS activists in their own communities.  Learn more
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